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Tackling weight gain through hypnotherapy

Aside from fighting bad habits, improving ones’ personality, or for self-encouragement, hypnotherapy could also be used to tackle weight gain, a February 7 article of Business Mirror reported.

According to New York-based hypnotist Elena Mosaner, people are very conscious about gaining weight not only during holiday seasons but in the whole year. Like any other professional hypnotist, Mosaner busted the myth commonly associated with the alternative treatment. A typical hypnosis session with Mosaner could be described as a “guided meditation” where she will let the client relax then suggest the affirmations that would improve the client. Mosaner stated that it only take approximately two hypnosis sessions to solve almost any personal issues. Psychologist Sera Lavelle, on the other hand, believes that addressing personal issues through hypnosis and traditional psychotherapy could be more effective.

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