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Pre-Surgery and Post Surgery Hypnosis at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

Hypnosis used pre-surgery can positively affect your feelings, experience, and outcome when going to the dentist, doctor, or hospital. Patients prepared with hypnosis maintain lower heart rate, have lower blood pressure, and need fewer anesthetics!

Preparing to undergo surgery, regardless of how minor or standard it is, is very stressful. There are the natural fears associated with the actual procedure such as the type and length of the surgery, the possibility of complications, etc., coupled with the unknown factors regarding how long a full recovery takes, how successful it will be or will any further procedures be required. All of these fears and stresses make the body tense and anxious and a stressed and tense body and anxious mind is not the ideal candidate for surgery.

The conscious, logical mind knows all about the surgery; why it’s needed, what it is going to fix, etc ; the subconscious however, and the body, are usually not quite as clued in which is why the fears arise in the first place.

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery can help your body and mind prepare for any type of surgery.

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental procedures
  • Medical procedures
  • Pre-and post surgery
  • White coat syndrome

Since the stress of upcoming trauma serves to constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure, less oxygen and healing qualities move through the body. Suggestions given by Danny Jackson, CHt preceding surgery will lessen anxiety, enabling the body and mind to concentrate their resources on healing.

How can Hypnosis Help Me Prior to My Surgery?

Prior to undergoing an operation, hypnosis can be used to enable the body and mind to relax. Relaxation is the first step required to allow a body to heal itself.

During Hypnosis, the reasons for the operation, why it is needed and how it will help can be explained to the subconscious and to the body. This ensures that the mind knows that the operation is necessary for total health and it helps to prepare the body for what will take place during the operation, thus reducing the levels of trauma that occur during surgery.

Coping methods are also taught to the body to enable it to respond in the best way prior to, during and after the surgery. These methods include relaxing prior to the surgery, controlling the bleeding, muscles and nerves during surgery and promoting faster, healthy recovery time and pain control.

Some of the benefits of using hypnosis when preparing for surgery are reduction of pre and post operation stress; faster recovery time; reduced scarring. Pain can be lessened and eliminated (and the anxiety associated with it); and faster healing is promoted. Hospitals, insurance companies and doctor’s offices use the benefits of hypnosis as it creates relaxed patients; minimizes or eliminates drugs, speeds up healing in the body; which results in successful procedures, satisfied patients, and shorter hospital stays.

By utilizing post-operative hypnosis, pain management and improved healing suggestions will serve to expedite healing by aligning your body and mind toward the natural tendency of perfect health.

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