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Mental training is being increasingly recognized as an integral component of athletes’ training. Relying solely on skills and craftsmanship has become inadequate in the field of competitive sports, where athletes are continually exposed to external pressures and anxiety. Hypnosis helps most athletes to completely remove any outside interference such as noise, pressure, and anxiety at will, allowing them to enter entirely into “the zone.”

Sports Enhancement Hypnosis helps athletes to remove external pressures and anxiety

Sports psychology essentially pertains to understanding:

  • What motivates athletes
  • How to enable athletes to regulate their thoughts accordingly

With such mental training exercises, sports psychology helps to:

  • Manage stress and arousal states
  • Optimize performance levels

Hypnosis has been used in sport for at least the last 50 years, and has recently seen a renewed interest from both the research community and sports participants. Numerous well-known sportspeople have used hypnosis in the past, including boxers Frank Bruno, Steve Collins, and Nigel Benn, former England cricket captain Mike Brearley, athlete Iwan Thomas, and golfer Ian Woosnam.

More recently, there have been a number of high profile sportspeople who have used hypnosis, including ASP Tour surfer Russell Winter, and Beijing Olympic champions Vince Hancock (Olympic Skeet) and Steve Hooker (Pole Vault). Hypnosis is also used in team settings, with Crystal Palace and Swindon Town employing the services of a hypnotherapist.

The mind-body connection has immense power and can make or break an athlete’s performance.

Peak performance is achieved when mental training is effective. Getting started is always slightly difficult because you feel uncertain when you begin any new endeavor.

Hypnosis can be used to help you:

  • Overcome the fear of failure.
  • Be open to taking responsibility if you make mistakes or miss your goal.
  • Focus on the process instead of the outcomes.
  • Analyze the best performance.
  • Use the findings to steer present actions.
  • Develop routines to be ‘in the zone’ before a game to maintain focus and block distractions.

Remember, mental training is not just about the game. It is also about optimizing workout and practice sessions.

Sports enhancement hypnosis combines hypnosis with traditional sports psychology to assist with many common sporting psychological problems. It is particularly effective for most athletic professionals in building confidence, overcoming poor past performances, and visualizing new or complicated techniques.

In addition hypnosis is highly effective when used to augment other psychological interventions for anxiety, motivation, mental blocks, and competition preparation. Sports enhancement hypnosis is now widely used in many sports to help both professional and amateur sportsmen and women with their mental training.

At Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, our certified hypnotherapists can help with any sport, but one of our specialties is golf improvement. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for golf improvement because the sport specifically requires the serenity that hypnosis so readily provides. Hypnosis helps golfers find that perfect mindset, and get into what they call “the zone.”

We have seen a lot of great uses for sports enhancement hypnosis, and sports hypnosis is particularly effective for:

  • Competition Nerves
  • Mental Blocks
  • Overcoming Slumps in Performance
  • Building Confidence
  • Improving Focus & Concentration
  • Returning from Injury

There are numerous issues that a hypnosis session can help you overcome. Hypnosis can be a major factor in eking out that extra edge or overcoming a serious performance issue. Call Orlando Hypnosis Clinic at (407) 369-8474 or click here to get started free.

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