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Hypnosis to Eliminate Tics

You can end tics and repetitive, compulsive behaviors such as eye blinking, nose wrinkling, squinting, and mouth twitching permanently at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic.

Living with a persistent facial tic can feel embarrassing. Other people notice that you’re not always in complete control of your expression, which can garner stares from strangers. The most common facial tics are grimacing, eye blinking, mouth twitches, nose wrinkling, squinting, and grunting. These tics are often symptomatic of jumpy conditions, such as Tourette’s syndrome. Usually, the underlying cause of these kinds of tics occurs at some point in childhood. They may weaken in a rather short time, but some can continue much longer into a person’s life.

Living with a Facial Tic

Experiencing a facial tic is distracting for you and, unfortunately, people you are talking with. This can detract from what you are trying to say and, of course, make you feel self conscious. A problem like facial tics is tiring to live with, especially if you are young. Most other people might not understand how complicated it is to hold back the tics. For a short period of time it is possible, but impossible for a longer period of time such as the duration of a lesson.

A facial tic is a nervous, repetitive, and spasmodic movement in your facial muscles that can become habitual. Like any habit, it can start to happen when you are not even thinking about it consciously. It is possible to eliminate the problem with tics and to escape other people’s uncomfortable looks. There are ways to greatly reduce, and even sometimes perfectly treat facial tics. You might never have to be anxious again regarding facial grimaces or controlling some of these irritating twitches.

No one knows the exact cause of facial tics but two things are certain: Facial tics are worsened (and can be brought on by) stress; sometimes there is a build up of pressure which leads to the tic. And tics are then maintained by the unconscious mind.

Occasionally medications are used to diminish tics but it is, of course better to not go down the medical route as all drugs have side-effects.

Hypnosis Treatments for Facial Tics

A safe, drug-free, and effective way to treat facial tics is hypnosis. Hypnosis works on the part of the mind that ‘controls’ the facial tic. It is your unconscious mind that ‘controls’ your facial tic, and because hypnosis works on an unconscious level, we can use it to diminish and cure facial tics.

You may well have noticed that there are certain times when your tic is worse, maybe when you are tense or even with certain people. A hypnotic session can help ‘un-hook’ those unhelpful associations. Our hypnosis session for facial tics has been designed to work on the same level of mind that produces the tics, effectively ‘switching off’ the tic. A hypnotherapy session is designed to be a deeply relaxing and calming experience. Call Orlando Hypnosis Clinic at (407) 369-8474 now to set up your session and feel better today.

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