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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering is like awkward communication between thought and speech. You get a great thought, then start to speak and it gets all jumbled up. The more you try to clear it up, the worse it gets. Stuttering can be very frustrating and occasionally embarrassing. However, hypnosis treatments for stuttering and stammering can smooth out your thoughts, making them clear and precise. After hypnosis, your words will flow with great ease and understanding. Thought and speech working together makes communication blissful. Speaking will be like a cool, calm area of water. Never a ripple in it.

Stuttering therapy has grown in popularity over the last few years, and it certainly seems to be helpful in many cases. However, not everyone can afford to spend so much time and money pursuing a stuttering cure that is often very expensive. This is why hypnotherapy with Orlando Hypnosis Clinic is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who hope to overcome their stuttering problem.

How Hypnosis Gets Around Stuttering

Our clients often tell us the harder they try to stop stuttering, the worse it gets. It certainly seems to be true that stress makes stuttering worse.

Hypnotherapy can help you ‘relax out’ of the vicious circle that causes so many problems by helping your subconscious mind triggering your relaxation response when you begin to feel tense. Our hypnotherapist will show your subconscious mind a method to speak clearly using visual metaphors and suggestion in order to promote a different approach to thinking about speaking, without even consciously thinking about it. The end result will be clearer speech, naturally.

Imagine not having to worry about the next statement, having to take conscious mental steps to calm yourself in order to say what you need to say, or having to mentally rehearse every conversation before it leaves your lips? Hypnosis will make your methods of speaking come naturally, free and clear. You will feel more relaxed and automatically smooth speech will begin to take place. The hypnotic approaches used in this technique include:

  • Direct Suggestion
  • Embedded Suggestion
  • Visualization

These techniques allow you to tap into your innate ability to speak without stuttering by removing the mental block that causes the stutter in the first place.

Have You Tried A Free or $20 Hypnosis Download and It Didn’t Work? Here’s Why

No one person is the same as the other. You can’t expect a one-size-fits-all, downloadable fix to a problem that you have suffered from indefinitely. And, since you aren’t the same as everyone else, and you are in need of a continual change, it is important to seek guided hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapist ensures your session is therapeutically adjusted and adapted to your unique situation. He will learn about you, who you are, when you began having stuttering issues, when you find it is most prominent and he will listen to how it affects your life. Your hypnotherapist will meticulously put together an exclusive program, based on your unique situation that will have you speaking in a more relaxed and naturally fluent way in no time.

After your session, we will take its recording, over-lap it with high quality music infused with powerful subliminal suggestions, and deliver it to you free of charge. You will be instructed in self-hypnosis so that when you are listening to this CD or whenever you need to drop into hypnosis, you know the methods of achieving it that have proven to already work for you during your session. In the future, you will find that through self-hypnosis you will be able to achieve a variety of other goals in life.

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