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Stop Biting Your Nails using Hypnosis

It seems like almost everyone can remember a phase they went though where they frequently bit their nails. For some people, nail biting is less of a phase and more of a permanent behavior that follows them through their entire lives. Stopping can be a significant challenge, since many people bite their nails without really thinking about it. Before you know it, your carefully preserved nails are chewed down to painful stubs.

That’s where the whole issue lies: nail biting is a thing that happens without you thinking about it. It’s an unconscious behavior. So when you try to think about stopping, you can only succeed as long as you are concentrating hard on it. The moment you don’t focus on not biting your nails, you proceed to bite them. The remedy for nail biting therefore must be an unconscious one. This is exactly what can be achieved through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for Nail Biting

While it may seem impossible to end the lifelong habit of biting your nails, hypnotherapy has been shown to have positive effects for people who want to quit. Hypnosis can really help you change your behavior, and make the choice to stop nail biting a real one. Imagine yourself with:

  • Long or normal fingernails
  • No redness or scabbing on your hands
  • No embarrassment
  • No more hiding your hands for fear of exposure
  • The ability to get manicures
  • No beating yourself up for this habit
  • More confident and professional feelings

Hypnosis is actually quite effective for many other undesirable habits as well, including face picking and thumb sucking. These embarrassing and often chronic habits can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated using hypnosis, generally in three to six sessions.

Our hypnotherapist will do a thorough evaluation, discovering what your triggers are, whether or not you derive a sense of pleasure or satisfaction from biting your nails, if it just seems to be a nervous habit, and so on. Then each session is personalized to address your specific beliefs / triggers. Your hypnotherapist will give you suggestions and techniques to help you develop better coping methods, and feel more relaxed and at peace in general.

At Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, our clients usually see an improvement even after a single session. Often clients will report a dramatic reduction in their habit right away. Some are actually done completely after just one session. If needed, however, another session is recommended for lasting, continual results. It all depends upon how long this has been going on and the complexity the issue.

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We all know the difference between how it feels when we say we’re going to do something and when we know we’re going to do it. When you cure nail biting properly, the urge to bites your nail disappears – there simply is no struggle! If you are ready to put an end to your nail biting habit for good, hypnosis can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Call Orlando Hypnosis Clinic at (407) 369-8474 or click here to get started.

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