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Healing Promoted Through Hypnosis

Your subconscious mind is powerful. It knows what is causing your physical or emotional condition and what it will take to heal any pain it’s causing you.

Under hypnosis, our hypnotherapist guides you to the source of your physical or emotional issue. Once there, you can explore your subconscious mind and the source of physical and emotional pain in detail. Through various hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques, our hypnotherapist will devise a program appropriate for you that facilitates fast and continual healing.

Physical Healing and Hypnosis

You may be able to boost the rate at which you physically heal using visualization under hypnosis. You might visualize bones glued together, joints lubricated, muscles stretched, diseases removed, or arthritic areas smoothed and polished. You might also imagine your pain shrinking or its color changing. Studies have shown that the power of hypnosis is not something that should be dismissed:

According to the above research, hypnosis can be used to teach the mind ways to create cellular changes, and has been an American Medical Association approved treatment since 1958.

Emotional Healing and Hypnosis

If the problem is emotional, both hypnosis and hypnotherapy allow you to go back to the time it started. Through hypnotherapy, emotional or physiological triggers for relapse will be identified, and avoidance techniques are explored and put into action. Positive feelings and the ability to succeed will be reinforced, as can motivational techniques, body image and self-control.

You can release emotions which may have been building up inside you by using different techniques. You can mentally eliminate various causes of stress.

If appropriate and desired, you can forgive others (or at least their actions or inactions) for the harm they’ve caused. You can even choose to forgive yourself for your actions or inactions in a certain situation which has contributed to your problem or injury. Forgiveness is powerful and can result not only in emotional and spiritual healing but often physical healing as well.

Under hypnosis, you can also access the control area in your subconscious mind and adjust or reprogram various controls to reduce or eliminate pain, anxiety, stress, worry or any number of other physical or emotional symptoms.

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