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Hypnosis for Past Life Regression in Orlando

A lot of our clients tend to get past-life regression mixed up with age regression or regression to cause. Let’s start by clearing that up: Past life regression hypnosis (not age regression) is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what is often believed are memories of past lives or incarnations. Age regression hypnotherapy is used to increased access to childhood memories, thoughts, and feelings as a part of a therapeutic process utilized to reveal traumatic incidents or events from the past that are causing emotional consequence in a person’s day to day life.

Accessing the memories from your past is as easy as accessing memories of anything you may have experienced a few days ago, or few years ago. What holds any memory in your mind is your emotions. If you think of any experience in this life, you may notice that the ones that were emotionally intense, significant or unique in any way, will be much easier to recall, than ordinary everyday experiences.

While some people are merely curious about exploring their past lives for fun, others wish to explore it from the therapeutic perspective, the main purpose of recalling past experiences is to help the person resolve issues that are creating obstacles in living one’s life fully in the present. From a therapeutic perspective, it doesn’t even matter if the past experience is considered “real” or “imaginary.” And if you really think about it, what happened yesterday or a year ago in your life, is no longer “real” in your present, it exists only in your conscious memory or even further in your subconscious mind–however, that memory may still be exerting a great influence, empowering or dis-empowering your present life. The value of each experience is in the lessons it provides. Once they are learned, there is no more need for such an experience to repeat, but until the lesson has been learned, the experience will tend to repeat itself in different forms.

Whether you are seeking Past-Life Regression as an fun answer to some benign curiosities or, from a more serious perspective–you feel stuck in life, hurt and upset, beset by some meaningless suffering–our hypnotist will see that you can get the information you need. Call us to learn more at (407) 369-8474.

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Whether the end result is that you believe the memories you’ve uncovered are from your current lifetime or another, it is entirely up to you and what you discover. We do not suggest any direction, we only provide you with the ability to see deeper into your own current memories. Give Orlando Hypnosis Clinic a call today at (407) 369-8474 to get started.

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