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Group Hypnosis Sessions in Orlando

Group hypnosis sessions, contrary to popular belief, are very successful, interesting and educational, particularly when directed by our veteran hypnotherapists, practiced in the skill of hypnosis with large groups. Group hypnosis sessions are completely different from individual hypnosis sessions because you are dealing with three people or more (we can easily accommodate up to 50) and the groups are designed to help the entire audience reach a specific goal, such as:

Group Hypnosis offers three distinct advantages:

  • Much less expensive
  • Safety in Numbers
  • Experience hypnosis at a location of your choice
  • Group discounts
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Work with a highly experienced certified hypnotherapist without having to travel to do so
  • Orlando Hypnosis Clinic‘s group hypnosis programs consist of an educational lecture (known in the industry as a pre-talk), question and answer time, followed by the hypnosis induction and program. Groups are held at your requested location or at one of our convenient office locations. We currently offer corporate and group sessions nationwide so don’t hesitate to call for pricing. We are reasonable.

    Why Group Hypnosis Sessions?

    Often, Orlando Hypnosis Clinic‘s clients want the benefit of participating in hypnosis sessions with a lower economic investment. Making the choice of a group hypnosis session allows you to save money, while benefiting from positive suggestions for change. Additionally, if you are in a work environment that would benefit from sales confidence or smoking cessation (geared towards groups of smokers that attend the same area during “smoke breaks”), employees appreciate the benefit of working for a company geared towards their mental and physical health.

    If you have never been to a hypnotist, this is an excellent method to learn about and experience the power of hypnosis. You can bring friends or even arrange a private group of your own (minimum 3 people). However, if you are unable to relax and focus when you are in a group of strangers, a group session may not be for you.

    What is the difference between a Group and Private Session

    In a private session you are in a one-to-one meeting with your hypnotist. You have the opportunity to have your individual concerns and needs met in a more personal way.

    Some issues command the added investment of a private session. This is especially true with addiction, fears and phobias, depression, and pain management to name a few, primarily because some problems require finding the real issues behind the behaviors. After the initial sessions, joining group sessions can help in many ways to provide the ongoing support that you may desire or need.

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