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Claustrophobia Ends with Hypnosis at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

Claustrophobia – the fear of enclosed spaces – can be a terribly debilitating condition. Many people think that it only involves elevators or other small spaces, but in fact, many people find they can still be overcome by claustrophobia in a large space.

The problem tends to spread so that people find they are thinking ahead to avoid any situation that might trigger their claustrophobia, limiting their life experiences. About ten percent of the population of both sexes experience claustrophobia and report that age exacerbates the problem. Some of this ten percent who experience claustrophobia are able to identify the events that triggered their initial episode.

Whether a single traumatic event trigger long term claustrophobia depends on existing stress levels, how the situation is handled, how supportive others behave, are all contributing factors to the development of claustrophobia. An individual who experiences strong fear reactions may start going out of their way to avoid people, events, or things that trigger fear. This is what separates normal fears from phobias.

Sufferers of claustrophobia suffer from fears associated with enclosed spaces or places where it could be impossible to leave quickly, such as airplanes, trains or elevators. Some people even feel claustrophobic in MRI medical scanners. Because of their fear, people with claustrophobia often attempt to stay away from closed-off spaces. Sufferers also try to sit near exit ways or along the sides of a room, versus being in the center. Claustrophobia sufferers frequently have panic attacks when they begin to feel “trapped” or closed in. For some people, being in a confined space is as terrifying as the idea of being buried alive.

Suffering a panic attack in a small area can be a shocking incident for claustrophobic people and people surrounding them. At the moment an individual’s claustrophobia is triggered, they may suffer panic attacks, difficulty breathing, physical illness, fainting, and other, often extreme, responses. A person can develop claustrophobia at any age or because of a traumatic event, but it often starts at an early age.

How Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Claustrophobia

Hypnosis is so effective for doing this because it keeps you calm and relaxed while distantly reviewing any difficult situations or experiences, so teaching your mind to respond differently. Hypnotic therapy is an ideal, safe and non-invasive type of therapy with no side effects. It works by treating the deeply-rooted causes of fear in the unconscious mind to quickly eliminate a phobia. Specifically, each individualized program for claustrophobia uses various hypnotherapy techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to challenge faulty thinking. In a deep state of hypnosis, our hypnotist leads the client to re-evaluate the way they look at and feel about certain situations in life, and then helps them to rethink things in a much healthier manner. This novel program is extremely successful in helping clients beat their fears.

Most people are amazed to discover how comfortable this process is, and how quickly it can work. In the end, individuals may find that they no longer suffer from the crippling fear of enclosed spaces, and they are able to enjoy themselves in public again. Our experienced Orlando Claustrophobia hypnotherapists at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic are ready to help you overcome your fears in an all-natural, drug free manner. Contact us today at (407) 369-8474.

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