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Grief and Loss Hypnotherapy at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy, depending on the situation, assist well in the process of grief, mourning, and bereavement. Grief — mourning, bereavement — is a natural part of life. Though this can be terribly painful, it is a celebration of the value of whatever or whoever was lost. Though grief can also include feelings of guilt, it can be a cleansing, enlightening experience. Grieving can be a sort of celebration of how much you valued the person or whatever it was that you grieve losing. For some, grieving can be a very sweet pain that has meaningfulness and reminds them of how wonderful it was to have had the person, job, thing or whatever in their life.

On the other hand, the experience of grief can also seem like life sentences to unrelenting distress and unhappiness. For some, grieving becomes an exercise in hatefulness, ugliness, self-damaging behaviors and discomfort with anything healthy, happy or hopeful.

Sometimes grieving is confusingly intense and can seem baffling beyond any reason. This is often a time to sort out how many other losses are entangled in the grieving process. A loss of a friend or loved one or even a job can mean the loss also of all sorts of hopes and plans. The loss of a person or thing might also bring to mind the losses of many other things, persons, hopes, plans or opportunities in the past that seemed to have been accepted but that become stirred into the mix in the mind because of the similarities in the grieving process.

It’s normal to feel sadness, depression, and even anger following a loss. As time passes, these feelings and emotions should become less intense. If the feelings remain intense, it is important to get help. At Orlando Hypnosis clinic, our hypnotherapist can help you sort out and prioritize the feelings, allowing for natural coping skills and the ability to move forward.

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