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Orlando Hypnotherapy for Emotional Distress

Following a traumatic event, accident, or loss, you may feel overwhelming sensations of anger, pain, and lingering sadness. Many people experiencing emotional distress find they cannot escape their feelings of utter devastation, guilt, shame, or helplessness, no matter what coping mechanisms they try. Those suffering from emotional distress may even have trouble garnering the energy and motivation to take the steps to heal. This dominating feeling of hopelessness is very normal for survivors of trauma. One of the most difficult things about coping with emotional distress is that pervasive feelings of extreme distress have the ability to warp your personality, behavior, and outlook on life. Although emotional distress can be largely debilitating and your negative feelings can seem unconquerable, there are ways you can seize control of your anguish—even if it feels unshakeable and deeply ingrained.

Often, feelings of emotional distress are manifested in response to long-standing stressors, a traumatic change, or an event that is frightening or deeply alarming. For example, perhaps you have been experiencing ongoing marital strife, have suffered the sudden loss of someone close, or have just survived a natural disaster. Our subjective emotional interpretation of events such as these is part of what characterizes emotional distress. Under hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can be reached, allowing cognitive, behavioral, and psychotherapeutic therapy to reframe traumatic events in ways that foster acceptance and healthy coping.

Ways Hypnosis Can Help

The key to hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to build new unconscious habits and ways of thinking. This will allow you to process trauma without your mind jumping into negative thought patterns. Rather than escaping or avoiding the emotional distress, you can address the source of the pain and subconsciously learn new ways to manage it. At Orlando Hypnosis Clinic, our hypnotherapists can help alleviate emotional distress involving:

Behavioral Therapy
Crisis Management
Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
Memory Loss
Panic Attacks
Psychological Trauma
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

While you may feel like you cannot control your thoughts and emotions with your conscious mind, focusing on your subconscious impulses and habits can lighten the heaviness of your emotional burden and make it easier to steer away from damaging thought processes that hold you back.

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