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Considering hypnotherapy to treat cigarette addiction

Once smoking becomes a habit, many people find it extremely difficult to stop smoking for a variety of reasons. Be it for good health, to save money, or just wanting to avoid the smell of cigarette smoke, there are countless reasons for a person to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy is one of the alternative methods used to help a person stop smoking. Unlike using nicotine patches or taking medications, smokers who are considering hypnotherapy are given suggestions to encourage them to stop smoking. The strategy of hypnotherapy is to establish all the bad effects of smoking. For example, the hypnotherapist may suggest to the patient what the lungs will look like when plagued by cancer caused by smoking. Individuals who consider this kind of therapy should understand they are 100 percent conscious during the session and they will not do anything against their will. While some medical literature claims not all smokers can be treated by hypnotherapy, there are hypnotherapists claiming 98 percent success rates helping people kick the habit.

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