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Children with burn injuries benefit from hypnotherapy sessions

A recent study in Australia revealed children may benefit from hypnotherapy if they are undergoing burn injury treatment, a December 9 article published by The University of Queensland reported.

Researcher Stephen Chester studied 62 burn patients at a children’s hospital whose ages ranged from 4 to 16. The aim of the research was to determine the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in reducing pain, stress, and anxiety in young burn injury patients.¬†Chester found that 70 percent of the patients who underwent hypnotherapy experienced reduced pain levels after a hypnotherapy session and 67 percent of the group noticed they fared better in managing their stress and anxiety levels. Mr. Chester also noted that while adults are likely to benefit from hypnotherapy, children are more likely to be benefactors of the treatment because they are more responsive during therapy sessions. Young patients may find themselves relieved from stress and anxiety while undergoing treatment if hospital staff know how to perform hypnotherapy sessions.

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