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Australians consider hypnotherapy in fighting substance abuse

A treatment facility in Melbourne, Australia is considering hypnotherapy as a viable option available for individuals addicted to illegal drugs like ice, or the most intense form of methamphetamine, an article of Herald Sun reported November 15.

According to reports, the Melbourne Centre of Healing is hoping that thousands of people nationwide could benefit from hypnotherapy, or the holistic approach in treating addiction. Experts, however, advised that the holistic approach should serve as only one option and include other traditional methods of treating substance addiction. Ryan Hassan of Centre of Healing noted that medicines cannot treat individuals who are hooked on controlled substances if they do not stop the reason that compels them to use drugs. Professor Dan Lubman, on the other hand, said the approach should not be an issue if a certain treatment is better than the others because some treatments could be effective for some individuals but not for others.

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