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About Hypnosis

“What should I expect? How long will it last? What’s an induction?”

You can expect your first session to be an hour and a half to two hours long.

When you arrive for your first session, information will be collected from you by your hypnotherapist, and he will answer any questions you may have about the process. You will have a chance to clarify your goals, and discuss what changes you would like to see before beginning of the session.

The Session Begins

Hypnotherapy begins with an induction. Almost all hypnotic inductions contain some suggestions for relaxation. The hypnotic induction is a way of helping you to first relax your body, and then use that relaxation as a model for relaxing your mind and creating the hypnotic state. When you follow the instructions of our hypnotherapist, your conscious mind becomes less critical of the instructions and suggestions given. Once this has been accomplished, your hypnotherapist can help you begin to work on achieving your goals.

After achieving a state of hypnosis, positive suggestions, affirmations, and images are presented repeatedly and directly to the subconscious in a way that can be accepted by you in the most beneficial way. Our skilled hypnotist will craft suggestions that are tailored to the way you already think, the unique way you process information on a personal level, and those aspects of your subconscious mind that positively motivate you toward success.

After the First Session

You may be provided a support recording (CD or Mp3 file) and most likely will be encouraged to practice self hypnosis using that recording. Repetition being the best teacher, you will benefit the most if you listen to your recording as discussed with our hypnotherapist.

For many people, there can be significant, meaningful change in only one or two sessions. Of course, exact results can never be guaranteed by any practitioner, and realistically we know that some material needs more time and depth. So, while many people attain their goals in just one or two visits, it is not uncommon to have up to four sessions when needing more in-depth changes.

Additional Sessions

In situations where it is called for, hypnosis or hypnotherapy programs may include more sessions and advanced strategies, such as those used to resolve trauma or addictions. If your situation indicated you would need more than a session or two, our hypnotherapist will have already made you well aware of that fact during your initial free consultation.

We have flexible hours and are able to accommodate most everyone’s schedule to help complete programs in a timely fashion. We offer SKYPE sessions after hours for our clients who have “impossible” schedules.

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