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Relief from
Anxiety and
panic attacks

Stress and anxiety can be completely debilitating and negatively impact your everyday life. Shortness of breath, accelerated heart beat, and excessive sweating are just some of symptoms people experience while dealing with anxiety. Let us get you back on track with hypnosis and hypnotherapy!

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Weight Loss

Use Hypnotherapy to lose weight, and give yourself a complete new outlook by resolving the underlying reasons for symptoms such as overeating, lack of motivation, self sabotage and emotional discord in just one to four sessions! We've been helping Orlando slim down with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over ten years! All consults are free.

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Drug free
stop smoking

You can become a non-smoker again, GUARANTEED*, benefit from three free sessions, get a complimentary back-up CD, and deduct it all from your taxes. We know from helping thousands of other smokers that these decisions do not come easy and you need to move when ready. We will get you seen within 24 hours*.

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Orlando Hypnosis Clinic

Are you looking for a natural way to induce a positive change in your life? Hypnotherapy is an all-natural, pharmaceutical-free therapy solution that has helped countless individuals lead healthier, happier lives. Through hypnosis, you can push past the obstacles in your path and find solutions* that fit the ideal you. Whether you are looking to kickstart general health improvements, quit substance abuse, defeat anxiety-related stress, or simply improve your mental game, hypnotherapy may help you find internal resources that will empower you to make positive changes and transform your life.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful, yet natural and 100% safe tool that can help you take control of your life. Through hypnotherapy and gentle coaching, you may be able to gain the upper hand on undesirable behaviors, or may find that you are better able to cope with pain or anxiety. We can help you gain control of:

Through the power of positive suggestion, you may find inner strength that you never knew you possessed, and you may be able to effect real, lasting changes that will benefit you far into the future. For more information, contact an Orlando hypnotherapy professional at Orlando Hypnosis Clinic today.

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic is Orlando’s top ranked leader in professional hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) expertly combined with cognitive behavioral therapy to ensure amazing results* and lasting changes. Our Clinical Hypnotherapist, Danny Jackson, CHt has the highest level of certification, training AND hands on experience and focuses solely on the results of the clients.

Hypnosis-What Is It?

Hypnosis allows for guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to bring about changes in perception.

When most people hear the word “hypnosis” or “hypnotized”, they usually think of a mysterious or ominous person holding a pocket watch and moving it back and forth in front of the person or having an individual stare into their eyes. The person falls into a zombie-like trance state and then is subject to control by the controlling individual performing the act. In popular movies, comic books and television this is the depiction of hypnosis, which is far from the truth and does not let you understand the value of hypnotherapy related to health implications.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses hypnosis, which allows for guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to bring about changes in perception and memory. Hypnotherapist use exercises, that brings about deep relaxation, to reach an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. During this state, the therapist is able to communicate with the subconscious mind for analysis or therapy. Analysis allows for the determination of the root cause of the disorder or symptom. From here suggestive therapy can be used where the hypnotherapist uses uplifting, positive, constructive, and beneficial suggestions to begin the process of change or healing.

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program - 40% Off Thru October 2016 You Can Quit Today!

Tired of being a smoker? Let hypnosis help you deal with your addiction*! In just one single session, you will become a non-smoker again*, save 40% Off Thru October 2016, get a year of free support sessions, 30 Days of daily reinforcement, and deduct it all from your taxes for 100%, full reimbursement!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for smoking cessation works because nicotine isn't always the problem! It's out of your system in 24-48 hours, so why do you keep going back? Learned, repetitive behavior which can be changed with hypnosis. We know from helping thousands of other smokers quit smoking just like you. Benefit from our 98% success rate*.

We can even get you seen within 24 hours either at home, at our office, or even by tele-video conferencing (SKYPE).

And, if you're busy, just take advantage of weekend and evening hypnosis sessions, CLICK HERE or call (407) 369-8474 and get started now.

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Orlando Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - 2 Week Program

Hypnotherapy for weight loss quickly helps you identify and then separate emotions from your eating habits so your weight isn't dependent on the form of mental "adrenaline" we call will power. Hypnotherapy puts you back in control.

Weight management becomes the result of real and continual changes in your outlook and so they are natural and sustainable. While you're in a comfortable hypnotic state, your hypnotist gives you verbal positive suggestion to replace your current behaviors with healthy ones to promote weight loss.

Are your weight loss difficulties for emotional reasons? Hypnotherapy for weight loss is used to identify and resolve underlying issues to promote rapid and healthy weight loss. Often times being over weight is a symptom stemming from other emotional trauma in a person's life. Hypnotherapy helps resolve past trauma quickly and effectively.

No matter the depth of emotional difficulty, the amount of weight, or how long you have been trying - in just a four hypnotherapy sessions, achieving your weight loss goals becomes natural. Hypnotherapy for weight loss-resolve past events, leave unwanted emotions in the past where they belong. Simple and easy.

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Man smiling as he breaks a cigarette in half.

Why we are Orlando's #1 Choice for Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Since 2007

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic was founded by Act Now Wellness Center's seasoned professionals to serve a growing need for safe and effective hypnosis services in and around Orlando, FL.

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic features Orlando's hypnotist, Danny Jackson, CHT. Danny is a dynamic hypnotist / hypnotherapist possessing exceptional insight coupled with many years of professional experience in both hypnosis and traditional behavioral therapy.

Careful use of hypnosis in conjunction with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT, progressive behavioral therapy, and the latest research produces rapid, safe solutions to the complex underlying difficulties that make everyday life an enormous struggle such as depression, anger, stress, sleep disorders and issues, and anxiety.

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Benefits of hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can be used to help an individual with treatment that involves no prescription medications. Instead, the hypnotic state allows for the person to be more open to discussion and suggestion.

Of interest, researchers have studied patterns in the brain’s cerebral cortex that occur during hypnosis. In these studies, hypnotic subjects showed reduced activity in the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, while activity in the right hemisphere often increased. Neurologists believe that the left hemisphere of the cortex is the logical control center of the brain; it operates on deduction, reasoning and convention. The right hemisphere, in contrast, controls imagination and creativity. A decrease in left-hemisphere activity fits with the hypothesis that hypnosis subdues the conscious mind’s inhibitory influence. Conversely, an increase in right-brain activity supports the idea that the creative, impulsive subconscious mind takes control. This is by no means conclusive evidence, but it does lend credence to the idea that hypnotism opens up the subconscious mind.

From quackery to mind control depicted in movies, hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a serious therapeutic technique used by modern medicine to help individuals with a multitude of conditions. Hypnosis dates back to early Egyptians in 3000BC and the ancient Greeks and Romans, which had sleep temples for those seeking healing modalities by entering trance-like sleep states. Current day, there are clinical studies warranting the use of hypnotherapy for various ailments and conditions from a non-pharmacological approach. Many prescription medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotics have drawbacks with use. For example, side effects such as weight gain to impaired thinking and judgment, physical dependency, overdosing and drug tolerance are potential drawbacks. More importantly, when medications are used for therapy, the individual in essence becomes numb to reality and is not able to face the problem directly and head on. The underlying route cause is not addressed and again the individual goes about life dependent on medication to function normally.

Hypnotherapy may be a reliable source for those that are seeking an alternative means for healing. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body!

For more information please visit these websites: (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis) (American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists).

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