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  • Orlando Hypnosis Inc.'s Stop Smoking Orlando Program (SSO)
    drug free stop smoking orlando program

    You can become a non-smoker again, GUARANTEED, benefit from three free sessions, get a complimentary back-up CD, and deduct it all from your taxes. We know from helping thousands of other smokers that these decisions do not come easy and you need to move when ready. We will get you seen within 24 hours.

    40% Off Quit Smoking Program
  • Permanent Weight Management-You Don't Even Have to Think About It

    Use Hypnotherapy to lose weight, keep it off permanently, and give yourself a complete new outlook by resolving the underlying reasons for symptoms such as overeating, lack of motivation, self sabotage and emotional discord in just one to four sessions! We've been helping Orlando slim down with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over ten years! All consults are free.

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  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for Depression Symptoms and Treatment at Our Orlando Clinic

    Hypnotherapy often rivals traditional behavioral therapy in that the root cause of sadness and depression can be sorted out in as few as 2-4 sessions & completely alleviated-no matter how many years you have suffered and to what degree!

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  • End Test Taking Anxiety at Orlando Hypnosis Inc

    Whether you are an elementary school, junior high school, high school, college student, a professional career person taking continuing education or taking an exam to enter into a new career, we can help in as few as one or two hypnosis sessions for test anxiety, permanently.

    End Test Anxiety
  • Orlando Hypnosis Inc's Superior Hypnosis Addiction Program

    Our advanced clinical hypnotherapy methods help you end the cause of addictive behavior through a process that allows you to resolve the underlying issue(s) that led to addiction permanently, allowing you remaining substance free and urge free.

    Permanently End Addiction
  • End Erectile Dysfunction with Hypnosis at Our Orlando Clinic

    Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are extremely successful when working to overcome erectile dysfunction and sexual anxiety disorder. Hypnosis reduces nagging, self-conscious and defeating thoughts to foster a more relaxed and confident sense of self. Hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction helps you resolve the cause your difficulty and leaves you with clear focus.

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis - 50% Off Thru Dec 31st.

Tired of being a smoker? In just one single session, you will become a non-smoker again,save 50% on our program thru Dec 31st, get a year of free support sessions, 30 Days of daily reinforcement, and deduct it all from your taxes for 100%, full reimbursement

Our system works because the nicotine isn't the problem! It's out of your system in 24-48 hours, so why do you keep going back? Learned, repetitive behavior which is easily and permanently changed with hypnosis. We know from helping thousands of other smokers quit smoking just like you. Benfit from our 98% success rate.

We can even get you seen within 24 hours either at home, at our office, or even by tele-video conferencing (SKYPE).

We know you're busy so take advantage of weekend and evening hypnosis sessions, CLICK HERE or call (407) 369-8474 and get started now.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis - 2 Week Program

With hypnosis for weight loss you learn how to identify and then separate emotions from your eating habits and so your weight loss or gain isn't dependent on the form of mental "adrenaline" we call will power.

Weight management becomes the result of real and continual changes in your outlook and so they are natural and permanent. While you're in a comfortable trance state your hypnotist gives you verbal positive suggestion to change your current behavioral habits with healthy ones to promote weight loss.

Are your weight loss difficulties for emotional reasons? Hypnotherapy for weight loss is used to identify and resolve underlying issues to promote rapid and healthy weight loss. No matter teh depth of the emotional difficulty, the anmount of weight, or how long you have been trying - in just a four sessions, losing weight and keeping it off becomes simple and easy.

Free Weight Loss Consultation

Why we are the #1 Choice for Hypnosis in Orlando

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic was founded by Act Now Wellness Center's seasoned professionals to serve a growing need for safe and effective hypnosis services in and around Orlando, FL.

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic is the home of the Orlando hypnotist, Danny Jackson, CHT.  Danny is a dynamic hypnotist / hypnotherapist possessing exceptional insight coupled with many years of professional experience in both hypnosis and traditional behavioral therapy.

Careful use of hypnosis in conjunction with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT, progressive behavioral therapy, and the latest research has produced tens of thousands of satisfied clients in Orlando and around the country. Our modern progressive programs offer rapid, safe solutions to the complex underlying difficulties that make everyday life an enormous struggle such as depression, anger, stress, sleep disorders and issues, and anxiety.

How our hypnosis services are so effective

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Hypnosis Test Taking Anxiety - Take Control of Your Grades

Using Hypnosis and NLP, we've helped thousands of people develop test Confidence, increased concentration, and maximize their ability to study effectively and retain information.
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Our Hypnosis Sessions and Hypnotherapy Programs

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic's safe and pleasant hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you effectively deal with deeper issues causing chronic fears and phobias as well as drug and alcohol addiction (98% recovery rate).

We offer affordable, solution based, cutting-edge programs such as weight loss hypnosis, hypnosis to stop smoking, hypnotherapy to alleviate the root causes of sad and depressed feelings, emotional issues, and past trauma. These drug free solutions produce fast, enduring, life transforming results for most that can only be measured by the success of our clients.

Our proven hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs are carefully structured for dealing with on-going, complicated stress and relationship issues, learning disorders such as ADD and ADHD, pain management, as well as deep set fears and phobias.

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Orlando Hypnosis Clinic Reviews and Testimonials

"Our success is made one client at a time." - Danny Jackson, CHt. This belief in the direct correlation between the achievements of every individual client and his own integrity is what makes each session of such great value and the success of each client so significant.
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